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CIFA’s Welcome Letter to Delegates of the STEP Curaçao Conference

Dear Delegates,
Curaçao International Financial Services Association (CIFA) is the representative association of professionals in the international fi nancial services sector of Curaçao. We represent 98 companies on the island, including law fi rms, trust offi ces, notaries, administrator and banks. CIFA acts as a sounding board for and advises government, regulatory agencies, and monetary authorities on issues concerning our international fi nancial services sector.
CIFA initiates and endorses the development of new concepts, products and services by actively lobbying for new
state-of-the-art laws and regulations (fi scal, corporate and compliance). We have to be proactive at all times, following industry and regulatory developments closely in order to adapt quickly to any changes. Transparency, solidity and compliance are key factors for CIFA in order for Curaçao to remain competitive.
One of the other goals of CIFA is to promote the international fi nancial services sector of Curaçao. As a reputable
fi nancial services center we want to inform and invite investors to Curaçao to learn about the end-to-end fi nancial
solutions that Curaçao has to offer. Curaçao is a highly sophisticated jurisdiction, offering over 80 years of relevant
knowledge and experience in the international fi nancial services area; specifi cally in all types of investment funds and structures, e-zone, aircraft and shipping registration and captives. For this purpose, STEP Curaçao, CIFC and CIFA initiated and are organizing the fi rst STEP Curaçao Conference with the cooperation of other organizations,
the Government of Curaçao and other stakeholders.
STEP is the worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession
planning. The theme of the conference is: “Curaçao: The New Midshore Reality”. This conference will take place on
March 12-13, 2015, at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. We are proud to announce that our keynote speaker
will be Niall Ferguson who will be accompanied by other fi rst- class speakers like Former Chief Counsel for the IRS,
Jerry Cohen; William Heuseler, head of the Wealth Planning of Itaú Private Bank, and Joseph Kellogg, Partner Wealth Planning services at WE Family offi ces amongst other. With over 300 thought leaders, public policy offi cials, business professionals, and investors from over 15 countries, this STEP Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for attendees from around the world to connect with global leaders and network with industry peers.

CIFA’s vision is to make Curaçao your jurisdiction of choice when it comes to international fi nancial services;
servicing the world with compliant and innovative solutions customized to your requirements. Please don’t miss this opportunity to make the right choice for your business.Welcome to Curaçao and we wish you a successful conference.

Kind Regards,
Anuschka M. Cova
Curaçao International Financial Services Association


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