The international financial services sector is, along with tourism, the most important pillar of our economy


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We strongly believe that by working together and collaborating with each other we can improve our sector and reposition ourselves as an international financial services center that can compete globally in the world’s top ten high-value financial services.


  • Participation in our regular meetings and a voice in the decision-making process regarding our actions for improving the sector;
  • Participation in discussion sessions, work groups or email consultation on various topics relevant to the development of our sector;
  • Up-to-date firsthand information about CIFA and our sector and about stakeholders meetings, the government, latest developments on tax treaties, and so on;
  • Participation in our seminars, work sessions, road shows, promotional projects and events;
  • Invitations to all workshops and seminars concerning (the development of) our sector;
  • Coordination and co-development of training opportunities for your staff regarding compliance and other topics, and so forth;
  • A link on our website to your company’s website;
  • Coordination of marketing efforts for your company at international events;
  • Support and information from our Business Development Services department;
  • Meeting facilities for up to 12 people at our offices at special member rates.
  • Ordinary membership is open to individuals residing in, or legal entities domiciled in, the Curaçao that:
    a) are conducting a business actively connected with the international financial services sector of
    Curaçao, or
    b) have a license from the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten by virtue of the NOST or the NOSIAA, or
    c) have received an exemption or dispensation by virtue of these national ordinances.
  • Ordinary members must be accepted by a majority of 51% of the votes during a General Members Meeting.
  • Legal entities may have more than one membership;
  • Legal entities must appoint one staff member to represent their organization within CIFA and must notify CIFA of the name of their representative forthwith in writing, including any changes in representatives;
  • Membership contribution per member is determined each November for the subsequent year and is due in advance in one annual payment. The current membership contribution is 3,000 Antillean Guilders per annum or its pro rata part for the remainder of the calendar year;
  • Membership begins on the first day of the ensuing month; provided that it has been approved by the General members’ meeting;
  • Each member is free to terminate his or her membership at any given date during a calendar year; however, fees will not be refunded;
  • The Board maintain the right to terminate a membership if the member has acted in a way that is detrimental to CIFA;
  • Contributions for each calendar year must be paid in advance, though not later than January 31.

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